Accessible, scalable VR experiences for education & learning

Increase the impact of your courses and trainings with engaging virtual learning activities, using our web-based VR platform and configurable, interactive virtual worlds.

A safe virtual learning platform for your students

With your own virtual learning platform for organizations, you can easily experiment, learn and collaborate in online virtual worlds. Your worlds are highly accessible via a browser (laptop, phone) or virtual headset.

The integrated immersive management system helps you and your team to organize your classes, and manage & share all your virtual learning spaces with others.

Create interactive learning spaces without coding

Using our smart tools for virtual educators you get standard worlds and ‘drag & drop’ building tools to easily customize your own gamified learning spaces.

Simply import your own designs or worlds using the Spoke editor or Blender. imedu uses a customized version of Mozilla Hubs and can also integrate with other (web-based) platforms.

Maximize impact with training, custom designs & integrations

With our professional services we can help you to succesfully implement, improve and use virtual education for your specific use-case.

Think about designing effective learning worlds, advice on implementation and introduction strategy, build custom integrations, or train your educators. Together we strive to provide the best learning experience and create learning solutions that make impact.

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Tailored for education & training


Inspire and engage your students with interactive and contextual classrooms

Inspire and motivate your students with virtual learning worlds in your class or from home. Organize a field trip to unaccessible or imaginary locations, show students the size of the solar system, or challenge them with an escape room.

Because imedu is an online social VR environment, students can participate wherever they are.


Provide 3D simulations, self-learning spaces and natural collaboration

Experiment with different learning methods and optimize them into effective, shareable virtual worlds. Students can collaborate remotely, explore otherwise scarce 3D models, or enjoy gamified classes and simulations.

Build your library of reusable virtual experiences and integrate them in your existing curriculum.


Offer more natural training session, connect students and practise in simulations

VR spaces are great to onboard new remote employees, organize training sessions with colleagues, or simulate specific work conditions. Integrate a virtual world in your training or course, by simply adding a link.

Let us help you to create learning experiences that maximize the impact of your training program.

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