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Our mission is to enable educators worldwide to reach more students with inspiring and accessible online education in 3D virtual worlds. New accessible VR technology is creating great opportunities to improve education globaly. We see three main areas of benefits that we aim to support with our platform.

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Connect remote students

In shared virtual spaces you can meet and communicate with other people in a much more natural way then with remote video- or phone calls.

With an avatar you feel more present and connected, there are no switched off cameras, and everybody is present in an equal way.

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Include more people

Unfortunately, not everybody in the world gets the best education. But virtual education offers many low-costs opportunities to improve this.

Bring students to virtual locations they wouldn’t be able to visit otherwhise, or let them meet educators from all over the world.

Improve learning materials

Besides providing more natural interaction and supporting educators to reach more students, VR technology can also improve our learning materials.

Explore 3D objects from different perspectives, or join simulations without risks. And because spaces can be copied, there is always room for everyone.

In the summer of 2020 we started to look at better ways to learn and educate online, as we saw that video-meetings for remote education raised several practical issues, while virtual reality and virtual worlds sounded promising in solving those.

With virtual worlds you don’t have to be in the same location, you can use avatars as a comfortable and safe middle road between video and phone-calls, there are no limits to physical assets or locations and with gamification you can keep people motivated. It all sounded great!

But technology in itself is never the answer and the first thing we realized that if you look past the shiny 3D worlds, an empty space is just an empty space. The second thing is that education needs a safe, controlled and accessible environment, something that the many open worlds do not offer.

Together with a small group of enthusiastic educators we started building a platform and tools that makes it easy to set up and run your own virtual worlds (or ‘metaverse’) for education & learning. To develop and share ‘best practices’, we work closely with our clients to make solutions that make real impact.

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