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We enable educators worldwide to create inspiring, accessible and effective online education

The idea for imedu came mid 2020. At that time students and teachers had experienced their first (forced) months of remote online education.

In talks with teachers, educators and students we noticed a few problems that kept coming back. Teaching with online meeting tools was hard and less effective. Main questions were how to create more personal interaction between students and teacher, and how to keep everybody focused and motivated.

At the same time a new technology emerged. It was now possible to experience interactive virtual reality worlds right from your web browser, and on most common laptops. We tested if these virtual spaces could create a more interactive and exciting online experience, and the first results from students and teachers were very positive. We see virtual spaces as a great opportunity to make online education more inspiring and accessible for students young and old.

Our approach

Strive for impact

A 'good company' is an effective tool to solve a problem. This is why we should try to maximize our positive impact on education and improve the lives of the people that use and benefit from using our tools. Growth and revenues are important, but should always be a means for a higher goal and not the goal itself.

Build it together

We don't aim to 'replace' or 'disrupt' existing education methods or institutes. Schools, teachers and educators know better then anyone what is best for their students. Instead we want to work with all parties to find better tools to help students progress and understand more.

Look for the challenge

Teaching people new skills or knowledge is challenging but so much fun to do. We are in the same situation: supporting new ways to educate people is not easy either, but if done well it's just as rewarding and fun. For that reason we always try to look for the challenge in each project.


The following people are creating imedu

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Louis Blesch

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Luciano Raar
Customer success

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Matt Cool
Development support

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Support us

There are different ways you can help us to improve online education

Development partner

To ensure we make the best learning tools, we like to stay in touch with educators that want to improve online learning.

When you sign up we will offer you a reduced fee, in return for regular feedback about new features and your experiences.

Become an advisor*

To make sure we understand the needs of the teachers, schools and other professional educators, we are building a group of advisors to regularly test our ideas, strategy and plans.

If you have experience in education and are interested to share ideas or help out, use the button below to get in touch.

Help to create content

Great experiences rely on great content. We are always interested in working with creative people that love to work in virtual reality or create educational content.

If you have experience in 3d modelling or offer educational content let us know, and we'll help you to get your work to educators on our platform.

Join the discussion

When more people are experimenting with virtual spaces it would be great if we can all share our experiences or ask questions to peers.

We want to facilitate this but don't know yet how to do that in an easy and safe way. If you have any suggestions or ideas about this community,let us know.

* If you are interested in investment opportunities, please reach out via the contact form or send an email to hello@imedu.io