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Product Updates · 1 min read

New lesson plans

Luciano Raar

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Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

We have not been idle at imedu these past few months! After a number of (technical) updates to easily organize virtual lessons online and add more external content in your spaces, we also worked hard on more practical additions. This resulted in several new sample lesson plans, which make it easier then ever to organize and host your own virtual classes with imedu.

The lesson plans were written to give you some tips on using our standard spaces, and show the possibilities. Each plan comes with a sample space and discusses relevant topics such as climate change and zoonoses, or more interactive examples like a project fair.

What are lesson plans?

Lesson plans are descriptions of all the necessary steps to organize a lesson online, including a video of the decorated space. You can use these plans as guidelines and inspiration for your own lessons.

Each lesson plan contains the following elements:

  • a short description,

  • a video of our sample room,

  • an overview of possible preparations

  • and the course of the lesson.

Our lesson plans are just a few examples of what you can organize using the standard rooms. We are curious to see what lessons and projects you set up yourself!

Start exploring

You can now watch the videos of the example rooms and the lesson plans in your imedu academy or at the bottom of our support page

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