Ocean Ecosystem Part 1 and Part 2

Instruction & demonstration

Language English

Target Age: 9-15
Target Subject/Field: Science, Ecology, Biology
Essential Idea: Systems need to be in balance in order to function effectively.

This ocean habitat is rich with producers, consumers and decomposers. See if you can find most of them.

Designed by Craig Frehlich B.Ed., M.Ed.

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Lesson plan

Welcome in our underwater base!

In this class activity we are going to visit the same location in the ocean at two different moments in time. In each moment we will look at the ecosystem and organisms.

Learning goals

Possible Learning Objectives:
- classify organisms according to their role in a food chain: producers, herbivores, carnivores, decomposers
- interpreting food webs, and food chains and predicting the effects of changes to any part of a web
- investigate a habitat, and describe and interpret distribution patterns of living things found in those habitats
- investigate and interpret evidence of interaction and change in order to understand interdependence among all of the organisms inside an ecosystem.


- Visit the "before" situation

- Visit the "after" situation

This space has 2 locations

Ocean expedition - before
Ocean expedition - after