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Organize your virtual class in a few simple steps

We put a lot of effort in making it easy for you to use virtual spaces in your curriculum.
Getting started with imedu only takes a few steps!

1. Plan a class and select a pre-made space

Plan your class with our user-friendly class manager (ClassControl). Just pick a date and time and select one of the pre-made spaces we already created for you. Use a lesson-plan for tips on setting up and running your class.

2. Add your own content and instructions

Visit your virtual space and add existing learning materials like presentations, 3D objects, posters or video's. Also decide which permissions you want to give your students.

3. Invite students and meet on any device

imedu automatically provides an invitation with a link and pincode to share with your students. imedu works on any device with a modern browser like Chrome, Firefox or Safari, including tablets, chromebooks and mobile phones.

Looking for a custom space or course?

Our standard spaces are created to be flexible and easy to use. But after a while you might want a more personlized space, specific 3D content, or some extra features.

Let us know with the button below and we'll get in touch for a custom project.
Request a custom space

Communication & collaboration tools

In each space you can use the following tools to create interactive classes

audio icon
Spatial audio

Experience natural conversations in a 3D space

video icon

Include photos and videos in your space

poster icon

Easily snap posters or video's to whiteboards or walls

avatar icon
Personal avatar

Create a recognizable personal avatar from a picture

file icon

Include (links to) online documents and learning materials

link icon

Add links to external websites and apps

sharing icon
Screen sharing

Share your screen or webcam to others

explore 3d icon
3D models

Examine objects in three dimensions

lock icon
Gamification Coming soon

Add game concepts to boost motivation

As a teacher I'm always looking for the best ways to motivate students. Especially when teaching online this can be difficult. This application offers a solution: students can roam around freely, and decide by themselves when to start learning. That self-control is exactly the intention: a child that personally decides to start learning is unstoppable.

While the students are working in small groups, I can walk by to let them update me on their project. Also they can show me what they are making.

I look forward to making classes that combine multiple courses with imedu. Then you can really connect the dots between related topics.

Sido de Vrieze
teacher Dutch language
Dalton Den Haag

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