A full month everything about education in VR

Education in VR is literally booming. All over the world thousands of teachers en parties are working on a daily basis to develop new tools, experiences and learning methods for learning and teaching in VR.

Educators in VR‘ is an international community that organizes regular meetups on different virtual platforms. After the succes of last year, when they organized the first week-long event, a new event lasting the whole month of May took place to show as many ideas and solution for education in VR as possible.

We were there and have gained a lot of new insights and nice and interesting contacts. Our founder Vincent gave a panel-discussion about using Mozilla Hubs for education (we build on top of Hubs). And in the last week, we organized a workshop about setting up a self-learning experience in virtual spaces.

If you are curious and want to watch a recording of some of the events, you can do so at this youtube channel.

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