Meet each other in our new Lounge

Do you find it difficult to organize an inspiring online class? Do you struggle to motivate everyone equally or do you want a space where you can organize both classes and social events? From now on you can do all that in this versatile space with imedu.

The Lounge is one of the first “pro” designs. These are spaces that are more realistically designed where we still take into account as much as possible the performance on each laptop. These spaces are great to use if you know your target audience is working on a (fairly recent) laptop.

We have taken many aspects into account when designing the lounge. It is an ideal backdrop:

  • for introducing a scientific subject
  • for organizing meetings or presentations
  • organizing classes with different groups, inside and outside.

These are just a few examples. We are curious to hear what kind of lessons and meetings you can think of.

Construction of the space.

The lounge consists of a large hall containing several unique features such as an entrance area with multiple information panels, a central stage with a large screen, and balconies on both sides with standing room for spectators. Below the balconies you will find space for placing doors, videos and posters.

There is also an outdoor area, accessible via doors that can be opened or closed depending on whether you want to use the outdoor area or not. The outdoor space is ideal fo placing larger objects or 3D models or holding a short interactive break for students without having to visit another room.

You can find the Lounge directly in your imedu account. Just log in and go to ‘Spaces’ to create a new space with the Lounge. Don’t have an imedu account yet? Then sign up here for a free beta account.

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