Study on your own island

Why stay inside if you can study outside? With imedu you can now organize a virtual class, workshop or course on your own virtual island!

Use for different learning scenarios

We had different learning scenarios in mind while designing this new space:

  • Use the island as an ideal background for nature or biology classes. Place documents or 3D objects on the island, and discuss them with your students.
  • Learn foreign languages by walking around, naming objects or practice with giving directions.
  • Organize workshops, brainstorms or group work: split up in small groups over the different areas and work on projects using the floating screens at each area.

These are just some examples. We are curious what classes and courses you will come up with!

Structure of the space

The island consists of a central hill with a viewpoint, and lies in a big ocean. Spread over the island are small ‘working areas’ where you can meet up in groups. Every area has it’s own theme for easy communication and is equipped with a big floating screen to work on documents or share your webcam. Along the path we installed several ‘frames’ that allow you to add extra posters, documents or objects for students to explore. The island is not too big so can move around quickly.

structure of the eiland

You can find the island in your imedu account. Log in and go to ‘Spaces’ to create a new space with this island scene. You don’t have an imedu account yet? Let us know here that you want to participate in the private beta.

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