Organizing virtual classes is now easier than ever

We’ve been working hard to further simplify education in virtual spaces. It’s great to see we can now finally launch our new version along with a full-blown class management module! Along with this release, we also introduce the option to add class notes, instructions and links that can be accessed directly from the virtual space.

Easily organize all your virtual classes and spaces with our new ClassControl module
Virtual reality is great for learning experiences, but as a teacher you still need to schedule and set up your classes, communicate invitations and configure your spaces. Our goal is to make that as simple as possible for teachers.

With our new class management this becomes super easy. Just start an instant class with a click of a button, or schedule your classes in advance. And how about setting up a virtual learning environment? Well, just create simple or complex virtual spaces by combining the different standards rooms we provide.

You can enter the class control module by logging in on our homepage Are you not taking part in our private beta yet? You can easily apply for a free beta-account with the button below. (Tip: also check the video below for a glimpse).

Platform update with support for preparing class instructions

During a (virtual) class, students often need to use some instructions or links to additional material. We’ve fixed that in this month’s release, along with some other bug fixes and improvements.

From now on you can simply add these instructions while planning your class. Your students can find them both on the class overview page, as within the virtual space behind a new ‘notes’ button.

Check out the short demonstration below or click on this link

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