Start quickly with shared spaces, new templates and more new features

Release 8 is out, so time for a monthly update. This time we spent extra time on backend features to help you to manage, share and organize your virtual classes more easily and quickly.

Read below how you can make life easier with the latest updates!

Save time by sharing and reusing spaces

We know that everybody struggles to find time to start with something new. That’s why you can now easily copy spaces from colleagues, or use prepared templates from our new library. Found one you like? Just click on ‘Duplicate’ to add it to your private collection. You can use it directly for a class or adjust it first to your likings.

You can find all shared spaces under the tab ‘My organization’ and ‘Templates’.

New templates
New templates

This also means that when you set up your own learning space, you can share it easily including all content, student permissions, quizzes and everything you put into it! Together with your colleagues you can now build your own library of reusable learning spaces for your organization.

Bonus tip: this full-copy function also saves you time when making variations of learning spaces. Just make a first version, copy it and simply add some adjustments!

Guide your students with a lesson plan and task list

We received feedback that students like to have an overview of the assignments (or tasks) that are part of a class. Especially for spaces that students explore independently, clear instructions and learning objectives can help them to learn better.

When you edit a space, you now see a seperate section for the ‘lesson plan’. Here you can set general instructions, learning objects and a list of tasks to complete. Student can access this information and tasks via the Class Guide when they are in the space. The tasks can be checked off in the guide, to keep track of your progress.

Tasks in the student guide
Tasks in the student guide

New free-trial and educator package

To make it easier to start up, every educator can directly start with a free trial for their own class or group. When you login for the first time you will get a full step-by-step onboarding process to help you organize your first class. Also each account gets a new default space called the ‘campus’. In this space you will find a special training room, a meeting area, and an exhibition floor with examples of classes you can create with imedu.

We also added a new ‘Educator’ package for single educators and small organizations. You can signup for this plan directly through the website after your trial period expired.


Don’t want to use a PIN? Now you can.. (but be careful)

Sometimes you want to make sure everybody can access a space and using a PIN can be a small but significant hurdle. If controlled access is not important, you can also disable the PIN when scheduling a class or meeting. There is a switch on the schedule form for each class.

But be aware: although each session has a secret link, disabling the PIN makes it easier for unexpected people to join your class or session!

Need some help or tips? Check!

We know that starting with imedu and virtual education might seem a bit overwhelming. To help you with that, the class manager has been improved to make it easier for you to use. Besides a UI update we added more help and explanations. You can find them under the ‘question marks’ that are located on almost every page. We also did a lot of small bugfixes and improvements that will make your daily experience better.

image of New space overview with help panel
New space overview with help panel

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