Trackpad-mode and more controls for teachers

We’ve gotton off to a flying start this year. In February we launched the second update of the year. This one contains different updates in the user interface and offers some extra controls for teachers to allow or disallow features in their spaces. Thanks for all the feedback we’ve received, keep it coming!

Easier navigation without a mouse (using track-pad)

Let’s face it, you don’t always have a mouse connected to your laptop. This is tricky because it’s an important tool to navigate smoothly in imedu. Although the buttons Q and E let you rotate, you still can’t look up or down. Using your track-pad can be challenging, because you need to press the left ‘mouse-button’ while moving finger around.

Which is why we have now launched the ‘track-pad’ mode!

Share ‘direct entry’ links to spaces, no more clicking to enter

When you enter a space often, you’ll notice you have to click through the access dialog each time. When using a laptop, these questions don’t have to be answered and you can make it easier for your students to share a ‘direct entry’ link. You can find this in the ‘share’ menu. When you click the option ‘skip device questions’, the link will be changed in a ‘direct entry’ link. Note that you will be muted by default if you use this direct entry link, so don’t forget to unmute afterwards.

Select the option ‘skip device questions’ in the new share menu to generate a direct entry link.

Cleanup user interface

To make it easier for your students we are always looking for new ways to simplify the user interface. In this update we changed the following: – Completely hide options (instead of greying out) that are not accessible to students. This reduces distraction and questions. – Add some more structure to the ‘Share’ menu. – Clean up the avatar selection screen and removed unused functions.

More control for teachers

After releasing the first changes during the previous update, we now added some more controls.

  • To prevent that students share the link to your space, we’ve hidden the ‘share’ button by default for students. This means it is harder for them to share the secret link. You can unhide it via the ‘Room settings’ menu option.
  • By default, first time users get a short tutorial with some tips and hints. But when you are giving your own introduction, this might be confusing. In room settings you can now decide whether you want to show the tutorial or not.

Using ‘room settings > Show tutorial’ you can control whether first time visitors will see the tutorial.

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