Flexible pricing for every team size

License fees

imedu comes with a monthly or yearly subscription for your team or organization. We can also provide additional services like training and customizations for separate fees.

To start, you can simply sign up for a 30-day free trial. Afterwards you can choose to continue on our special starter plan for further experimentation, or if you require more advanced features, contact us to switch to a Pro license. Here we will help to find the right features and services that works for your situation.

Need more information? Then just book a free online demo first.

Educator Small

For small teams in public education, that want to start experimenting with virtual worlds and VR.

€ 76

  • 3 educator accounts for creating & managing spaces
  • Access to library with reusable standard spaces
  • Organise 10 group sessions / month
  • Use 3 reusable spaces per educator account
  • 500 MB assets storage

  • Unlimited private access to your virtual spaces, to test and configure
  • Online support and helpdesk with instructions, tips and examples
  • 3 educator accounts to manage spaces, content and classes
  • Organize 10 virtual class sessions with students per month
  • Create up to 3 reusable and sharable learning spaces per account
  • Share spaces and content with colleagues in an organization account
  • A time limit of 2 hours on each class session


For larger teams or comemercial organizations that want to use virtual worlds & VR as part of their learning strategy.

  • Commercial usage
  • More spaces and sessions
  • 3D editor & import functions
  • Integrations, single sign-on
  • Custom pricing and (yearly) invoicing conditions

  • More educators, classes, spaces
  • Add custom designs or challenges
  • Implement custom features
  • Long time-limits and ‘always open’ spaces
  • Integrations with other systems
  • SSO (SURFconext, OIDC or other)
  • Private hosting (coming soon)

Ensure a successful start

We offer several services to help you kickstart your start with virtual education, and take your organization along.

🎓 Workshop virtual education

Let us organize a workshop to explain the benefits and approach of virtual reality in education. We will discuss the different forms and explore some examples. This workshop can be combined with an ‘teacher training’ for imedu.

Workshops are always tailor-made and can be given online or in person (The Netherlands only for now). Contact us to learn more!

🏗 Pilot project

A good way to start is to work on something concrete. With our pilot project you get to use imedu for a few months along with training, project support and custom spaces. All for a fixed, one-time fee.

Pilot projects can start small, but we always make a custom offer based on your situation. Reach out if you like to know more!

Custom spaces &
3D designs

As soon as you start to use imedu for your own specific courses, you want to have contextual 3D worlds, avatars and objects.

Using our years of experience, we can help you to create efficient and optimized virtual worlds that work well in web-based environments and/or lower-end laptops.

Training &

With our ‘wave’ model’ we can help your organization to introduce and effectively use and improve virtual education.

Through online or offline workshops we can help trainers and educators to configure and use virtual spaces, organize classes and use a feedback loop to improve over time.

Integrations &
custom features

If virtual worlds are a key part of your curriculum or course program, you might want to integrate it with your other systems.

Our CMS and virtual world are customizable and can be extended with custom integrations, branded spaces, or even private server configurations.