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Simple, flexible pricing for every situation

We provide a clear and fair pricing model, for creators, individual educators and organizations.

You can now start a free trial in the Educator plan, without any obligations or credit card info.


For instructional designers that want to build and test learning spaces for other educators.

€ 13 * per month (excl. VAT)
 You pay € 156 for a year

Annual billing
  • Build your own learning spaces
  • Access to all content features
  • Add new 3D locations with our editor
  • Import scenes from Blender or Mozilla Hubs
  • 24/7 private access to your own spaces
  • Publish spaces on our marketplace **


For enthusiastic teachers and educators that want to organize virtual classes for their group.

41 per month (excl. VAT)
 You pay € 492 for a year

Annual billing

Everything from Creator, plus:

  • Organize up to five (day-long) classes with students per week ***
  • Invite up to 30 students per class
  • Easy access (no student account needed)
  • Protect your spaces with unique PIN code

Partner organization

Custom plan for schools and universities that want to offer virtual education.

Customized pricing

Everything from Educator, plus:

  • Organize unlimited number of classes
  • Multiple-day classes (projects)
  • Multi-user organization

And optional features like:

  • Student accounts
  • Custom virtual worlds
  • Pay by invoice
  • Transferable teacher licenses

* We offer free creator accounts to specific non-profit designers and educators. You can apply for one at the end of your free trial.
** For publishing a space to our marketplace, additional costs and terms apply. Contact us for more info
*** A 'class' is a closed activity in a learning space, on a specific day, for a specific group of students. Additional classes can be purchased separately.

Curious? Try it out with our 1 month free trial in the Educator plan.
There are no obligations or credit card needed. You choose if you want to upgrade before the end of the trial period.

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Heart Community support program

As part of our mission we want to support public schools and non-profits that work in communities where education and (financial) means are limited. If you are working in such an organization and our standard plans don't work for you, please reach out so we can see how we can help. Open the contact form