Complete set of tools for virtual learning activities

Imedu provides a collection of tools for setting up and organizing virtual education, designed for organizations to easily share spaces, integrate with systems, and create immersive VR learning experiences.

Engaging ready-to-use learning spaces

“An empty space is just an empty space”. Choose from our growing collection of customizable learning spaces, each built around specific learning activity, perfect for enhancing your curriculum, course or learning journey.

Group training & brainstorm
Gamified assessment (‘escape rooms’)
Discussions & conversations
Presentations & seminars
Virtual field trips
Team meetings
Language & conversational training
Custom spaces

And many more….

3 simple steps for setting up virtual learning activities

steps to start

Select a VR learning space

Browser the integrated library for a suitable learning space & activity. Or, if you need more customization, upload your own space design or let us build one for you.

Add your educational content

Use the CMS to upload additional content like presentations, quizzes, images and video’s. Configure interactive challenges like puzzles or assignments to your liking.

Invite students or participants

Plan a session and distribute the secret access link & pin code among your students or participants. They can uses any modern browser or headset that supports WebXR.

Private virtual spaces, with simple invitations and no downloads

Create secure metaverse spaces for your audience with simple invitations, accessible through any modern browser or WebXR-supported VR headset.

* WebXR is supported by almost all popular headsets

Collaborative CMS for teams

Our user-friendly CMS helps teams manage virtual spaces, upload learning content, and invite students or participants, making it ideal for virtual learning and L&D projects.

Interactive content and quizzes for immersive VR education

Easily add and use interactive content or quizzes in your virtual worlds with built-in modules, including presentation screens, puzzles, team activities, and more.

Custom integrations for seamless virtual learning

Connect your imedu account to various systems using custom integrations, like single-sign-on and LTI integration with your LMS, for a fully integrated VR education experience.

3D design for personalized VR spaces

We can also help you with more customized 3D experiences. Starting from your learning goals, we help you with effective and user-friendly virtual worlds or interactive components.

Frequently asked questions

The core of imedu is to provide a platform to create and organize virtual education for anybody that provides education or training. Ready-made content usually needs to comply to specific curriculum or course specifications, making it hard to provide that ‘out-of-the-box’.

That means we don’t have a library of ready-made experiences for your students. Instead, we provide default locations that you can use to discuss, collaborate or configure with learning materials, including tools to create more custom spaces. Once you start working on custom experiences we can help with custom content, or connect you to local partners (‘creators’) that can do that.

To start a class you simply fill in a small form with the location (virtual space), date and time of the class, and optionally some additional instructions for your students.

This will create a special ‘entry-page’ for your class, along with a secret URL and pincode. You don’t have to wait to share this with your students (or put it in a LMS), while the space is locked until it officially starts.

Because we prefer privacy, students are by default anonymous and choose their own name and avatar. If you instead choose to let students log in (a feature we can enable for you) we still limit the personal data collection to the bare minimum for reporting and access control.

imedu can import designs from Blender (using the Mozilla Hubs blender plugin) or other scenes via .spoke or .glb files. As a strong believer of an ‘open metaverse’ (network of connected virtual worlds), we also provide a way to include virtual experiences from other web-based platforms . Please contact support for more info.

Yes you can! Students always access a space via a secret ‘class event’ link that you provide, which can be protected with a PIN code or login.

That depends on your time and/or previous experience. We make it as easy as possible, but you will have to learn some (simple) techniques to create spaces. The good thing is that spaces can be shared with other teachers, so typically you only need one or a few people that actually know how to do that.

If you are somebody that likes to experiment with new technology, you can use the tutorials and our support team to build your own spaces from existing worlds and models that you can find online or get from a designer *.

To get you (or your team) started in a more personal setting we can provide online workshops in English, and offline workshops in The Netherlands. These workshops can also focus more on your specific use case and questions.

* Of course you can also learn how to create 3D worlds and models yourself (which is great!), but be aware that will take some time to master.