Proud of our clients & projects

Thanks to our amazing clients, we’ve done some great projects which we are proud to communicate here. Below are some examples as inspiration. If you have a similar challenge or just want to test your ideas, use the button below to reach out. We are always happy to help!

logo Fontys hogeschool ICT
Fontys University of Applied Sciences

Customizable, interactive escape room, to enhance learning & testing knowledge

Our team has designed an innovative VR escape room for Fontys FHMG’s healthcare and technology minor, which can be easily customized. The goal of this room is to stimulate discussions among students about medical subjects and test their knowledge.


We faced the challenge of expanding the room with reusable interactive components, which can be easily configured from the CMS. To achieve this, we developed a new type of module that enables us to manage the behavior and appearance of objects in the space by loading a “puzzle specification.”


The VR environment was tested and received positively by multiple students. Educators were excited about how easily the puzzles can be customized.

impression escape room

Avans University of Applied Sciences

Students try to make consumers shopping behaviour more sustainable, with virtual replicas of a shoe store

Avans University aimed to incorporate VR into a course about how promotional materials impact shopping behavior. They sought assistance in creating and adjusting virtual copies of real stores, which could be explored with a VR headset, to allow for more experimentation.


We made virtual stores available through our platform, including tools for customization. Additionally, we provided teachers with a workshop and developed digital training environments. We integrated the platform with SURFconext for secure connections.


Students were able to create their virtual spaces quickly and effectively, with many creative ideas. Both teachers and students were highly enthusiastic about the project, and a bigger follow-up is planned.

📖 Read the experiences with the course from Avans (Dutch)

University of applied sciences Utrecht

Learn how to build your own 3D learning environment in the metaverse

We provided support to the Associate Degree Digitale Techniek & Media program at Hogeschool Utrecht for their ‘learning task Metaverse’. Students were challenged to develop their own virtual learning space in groups within a short period of time.


Two enthusiastic groups conceived and developed their virtual learning activities for an event using our platform and editor. We provided guest lectures on 3D world and object development, and supported the students with feedback and advice.


After two weeks of intensive work, the groups created a virtual debate and presentation space, designed for easy reuse. The students, educators, and ourselves were delighted with the result!

Almeerse scholen groep
School group Almere

Set up virtual field trips for primary school students

The “Almeerse Scholen groep” sought innovative methods to teach 21st-century skills to students and to address the increasing teacher shortage.


After a successful pilot phase, where teachers created theme rooms for their students using imedu, we assisted in creating a library of shareable theme rooms for all schools within the foundation. We provided platform access, support, and workshops.


The first theme rooms were widely used by groups (10-12 yrs) and required less teacher involvement during class. New theme rooms are being developed for the next semesters.

📖 Experiences and video’s from one of the teachers (Dutch)

screenshots of virtual classrooms